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Three Easy Poses for Picture-Perfect Moments, Even if You Are Camera Shy!

March 4, 2024

Confession time: I still get majorly camera shy and freeze up when it comes to posing myself. But fear not! If you’re anything like me and still crave a variety of shots on the go or at home, check out my top 3 favorite and easy poses that are game-changers below! 

PS: If you don’t know me, hey hey! I’m Darlenys, a NJ-based portraits and wedding photographer. I’m here to inspire you to be yourself and to be comfortable in your own skin! 

Photo of a smiling bald woman holding a camera in a casual pose

#1 Frame your Face (using your hands)

Cue your creative self! Integrating your hands to frame your face or accentuate specific features can enhance your photos and infuse them with expression. 

  • Get playful with your hand positions! Try framing your face, placing one hand in your hair with a slight head toss, and position your opposite hand in front of your face just below your lip.
  • Experiment with depth by positioning your hands in front of your face (photo #3), or by subtly touching your earlobe while maintaining an intense gaze into the camera. The options are boundless!

    If you need a quick visual, check out my IG Reel HERE!

#2 The Flamingo

My go-to pose when I’m looking for an instant effortless, chic and fun photo! 

  • Start off by standing on one leg. 
  • Jump slightly on your tiptoe, and bend your opposite leg up (tip: keep your toes pointed for a more flattering and elongated look).
  • Alternate arm movements in the air or to the sides to create dynamic movement. 

#3 The Lounge Pose (creating angles with your legs)

I love a good sitting pose that’s giving relaxed yet chic vibes. Plus, creating angles with your body visually enhances any photo! 

  • Start off seated and create a triangle shape with your leg (photo 1 and 3). 
  • Place one arm on top of your knee (or across your thigh) and keep your fingers soft and relaxed. 
  • You can place your opposite hand on the chair/couch you’re sitting on or on the floor (photo 2). 
  • Keep toes pointed at all times 

I hope you find these tips helpful! Def let me know which is your favorite, and when you try these make sure to tag me on Instagram @photosbydarlenys

Stay amazing! 


PS: Feeling overwhelmed? Let me guide you through prompts and poses that boost your confidence in front of the camera. Book a call for personalized tips before our shoot.

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